Dancehall Fitness class for everyone

Mash It Up Fitness uses dancing as a way to make you come alive and stay lean. MIU is a new dance fitness concept that has taken Europe by storm. It’s a new era of dance bringing authentic Jamaican Dancehall and fitness routines together to create a low impact but high energy workout that will keep you charged and glowing. The moves are broken down and separated into sections, so that the student learns the moves progressively with ease, which is then put together at the end to form a full choreography

Why is MIU so special? It’s not just a dance class. It’s where you can let go, shine and have fun. After every class you will walk away feeling these 3 things

Confident: You will present your best self to the world when you’re dancing along to the pumping dancehall rhythms.

United: You will instantly feel closer to your Mash It Up family and with yourself because of how much fun you will be having.

Strong: These classes will get you that toned body you have always dreamed of and keep it that way.

Join us at one of our MIU Classes to explore everything your body needs to feel revitalised and pumped up in a way you have never felt before.

Do you want to express yourself through dance and feel great while doing it? Us too. We believe your body, mind and spirit are connected and with that level of connectivity comes a heightened sense of happiness. You can get all of this through Mash It Up!

To find out more about events, masterclasses and how to become an instructor go to our website :)