Dancehall / Afrobeats Vibes class for everyone



​​Mash It Up Dance it’s a beginners dancehall/ afrobeats vibes class using the best music and easy to follow routines. All the steps are breakdown and put together into choreography. Each class there’s new choreography, so you can always catch up and not be bored.


We want everyone to join the tribe, to make that time for themselves and feel amazing again. Dance will change your mood, you body and will give you more confidence.

We are looking for REAL people and REAL everyday instructors with just regular students - anyone from mums to grandmothers - and yes guys are also welcome!!!

Join us!

And no, you don't need to be a dancer to come to the class or become an instructor.

I'm based in Milton Keynes and I do classes here sometimes. Please always check my FB Page Alicja Blachut MIU for updates or my FB Group ( links below ).

This class open for everyone and a lot of mums brings their kids with them for classes :) As a mum I understand even more now to find time for yourself and LET IT GO! And this is class just for this! I actually forget that I'm a mum, that I have to do all my housework when I'm back or any problems. There's only now and then, music and vibes! No judgment, no showing off, just pure energy! 

All shapes, sizes, ages are welcome! 

To find about about my next class to my FB Page or MIU website. if you cant find anything please contact me.