Alicja Blachut


Personal trainer

You've never been to the gym or exercised?

Are you training your butt of but see no results?

Or are you a new mum and you can't get out of the house without your little one?

  • 1 2 1 sessions based at the gym or in comfort of your own house 

  • Small group PT sessions 

  • Small group fitness class session for mummies with babies/ toddlers 0-4 years old 

  • Nutrition advice

  • All sessions based in Milton Keynes, if you're in surrounding areas please contact me to discuss details 

Dancehall/ Afrobeats Class

If you're looking to get your confidence back, get into one of Mash It Up Dance class. 

If you're looking to get your confidence back, feel sexy again or just looking a way to et fit and have fun at the same time - it's the only class like that in Milton Keynes!

  • Mash It Up Dance Masterclasses - gym, dance studios 

  • Fun idea for Hen Do, bday party and wedding - dance class, performance

  • Ragga Dancehall Workshop 
  • Private Class - 1 2 1, small groups
  • Become and instructor and start your own business

About me

All my life has been connected to sport, fitness and dance. Starting from age of 4 I’ve been member of dance groups, changed my direction to basketball when I was around 10 years old. I played basketball for 10 years ( professional ) and my passion helped me achieve Masters in Sport Science. At University I’ve decided to go back to dancing, so for 2 years I’ve studied Jazz and Ballet, became Fitness Professional and have been attending Dance Workshops all over Poland. Dance styles I’ve been practising the most includes Jazz, Ballet, House, Hip-Hop, Afro Jazz, Salsa and most loved Dancehall. My passion for Jamaican Dancehall started when I began learning from Laure Courtellemont, Founder and creator of the Ragga Jam.


For 4 years I’ve been working at school as a Physical Education Teacher by day and as a Fitness Instructor by evening and weekend, getting as much qualifications as I could at the same time. Some of the classes I’ve thought: LBT, Pilates, Belly Dancing, Core, Stretching, kids dance classes, Indoor Cycling, Ragga Dancehall and more. 


After I moved to UK in 2012 it was natural for me to start working as a Personal Trainer and Dancer/ Dance Teacher/ Fitness Instructor. From here I’ve created and founded my own dance fitness concept “Mash It Up Fitness”, that encompasses Dancehall and Fitness, which is currently being delivered through classes in London and other places in UK, Finland, Poland, Italy and Estonia.

I’ve been presenting different dance and fitness concepts/ classes throughout Europe at Fitness Events and also has been working as a choreographer and/or dancer in few music videos:

S.O.P. “Nwannem”

Squeeze “Kolorbi”

Clean Bandit feat. Stylo-G “Come over”

Clean Bandit feat. Sean Paul and Anne-Marie “Rockabye” 

I’ve also been a backup dancer for Clean Bandit in live shows October-December 2016.


As an ex athlete, dancer and mum I continue to work in Fitness Industry to help people achieve their goals, to show that being healthier is better and it can be fun, helping people to fall in love with fitness. I love to see people changing their lifestyle and discovering healthier versions of themselves and with that becoming more confident, happy, either via fitness or dance. 

It’s an amazing feeling to see my dance instructors progressing with each thought class, and how Mash It Up Fitness is changing them and their students - becoming more fierce, less self conscious and relaxed. 

I believe we are all the same, no matter how we look like and where are from, where we work and how much we earn.

Be healthy, be happy, be grateful, be kind.  


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